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Our fleet

Our fleet is specifically chosen for the machines ability to operate in our high altitude mountainous region. These helicopters are proven aircraft with many fleet hours of safe operation.

All our helicopters are maintained in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance schedules well above the FAA minimum standards by experienced Mechanics and overseen by our Fleet Manager. Our zero tolerance policy ensures your always flying in a safe, well maintained helicopter.

Our Training and Rental Fleet currently includes:

  • NEW Robinson R66
  • R22
  • R44
  • S300C


The S300

The R44

The Sikorsky 300c

The S-300C helicopter is known as one of the finest and most versatile piston-engine rotorcraft. A proven aircraft that has seen roles from combat missions to search and rescue Colorado Heliops has found this great machine perfect for flight training, scenic flights and as a stable platform for surveys and aerial photography.


Key features:

  • Strategic placement of engine for low center of gravity
  • Shock absorbing landing gear
  • Energy absorbing fuselage structure
  • Three-bladed, fully articulated rotor system eliminates mast bumping
  • Instrument training package for IFR instruction
  • Basic aircraft useful load of 950 lbs.
  • Doors-off operation ideal for photography, aerial video, and training operations in warm climates
  • Military and civilian training value the 300C's rugged design. Many high-time airframes have more than 20,000 flight hours



Standard day, sea level, maximum gross weight unless otherwise noted

  Maximum speed (VNE) 95kts  
  Maximum cruise speed (VH) 86kts  
  Hover ceiling, In-Ground-Effect (1700 lb) 10 800ft  
  Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground-Effect (1700 lb) 8 600ft  
  Range (long range cruise* speed @ 4,000 feet) (no reserve)
64.0 gallon


  Maximum takeoff gross weight 2050lb  
  Empty weight, standard configuration 1100lb  
  Useful load                                                                      950lb  


  Normal cabin seating (training) 2  
  Maximum certified cabin seating (utility) 3  
  Cabin length 4.75 ft  
  Cabin width 4.92ft  



Textron Lycoming HIO-360-D1A


Powerplant ratings (per engine, standard day, sea level)

  - Takeoff (5-minute) 190 shp  
  - Maximum continuous 190 shp  

Fuel Capacity

  Extended range capacity                                                    64 USG  

The Robinson R44

Robinson's R44 Raven Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for training, high altitude operations in mountainous terrain, as well as a great platform for aerial missions of most any type.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight airframe and streamlined fuselage enhances airspeed and fuel economy
  • Comfortably seats 4 adults with unobstructed views due to open cabin design
  • Aerodynamic rotor blade tips, low tail-rotor tip speed, heavy-duty muffler, and large cambered tail decrease noise and increase comfort
  • Powerful Lycoming 6-cylinder engine gets you anywhere you want to go
  • Center-positioned, teetering T-bar makes it easy to enter and exit the cockpit
  • Rotor brake enables the pilot to stop the rotor blades more quickly, reducing shutdown time and increasing safety
  • Hydraulic power controls eliminates stick shake and control forces, enabling precise hovering and a smooth ride



Standard day, sea level, maximum gross weight unless otherwise noted

  Maximum cruise speed (VH) 117kts  
  Hover ceiling, In-Ground-Effect (2500 lb) 8950ft  
  Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground-Effect (2300 lb) 7500ft  
  Range (long range cruise* speed @ 4,000 feet) (no reserve)
64.0 gallon
  Max operating altitude 14000ft  



  Gross Weight                                                                   2500lbs  
  Empty Weight Equipped (including oil & avionics) 1500lbs  
  Passengers and Baggage with Standard Fuel 816lbs  



  Normal cabin seating (training) 2  
  Maximum certified cabin seating (utility) 4  
  Cabin length 5.7ft  
  Cabin width 3.8ft  

Power Plant

  Engine Type Lycoming IO-540 fuel injected cylinders 6            

Fuel capacity

  Standard Fuel 30.6USG  
  Auxiliary Fuel 18.3USG  


Our S300c Fleet

Our R44 Fleet