College Degree Program - Colorado Heliops
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College Degree Program


Colorado Heli-Ops has partnered with Morgan Community College (MCC) to provide an Associates Degree in Helicopter and Aviation Science. The program allows students to achieve an Associate Degree while earning their pilot certificates.


In addition to the broad and high quality education that the degree program provides, the program has been tailored to open up new opportunities for funding of helicopter flight training, for both civilians and veterans.


Some benefits of the Morgan Community College program are:

  • Student loans can be obtained through 3rd party lenders to finance up to the full cost of the degree and flight training. (Subject to credit approval)
  • Federal Financial Aid is available for qualified and eligible applicants when in the degree program (post-private), including Federal Grants and Stafford Student Loans.
  • Veterans can use their Post 9/11, Chapter 33 & 31 GI Bill benefits to pay for degree and flight training (excluding the Private Pilot certificate, although financing is available).  Stipends are available for housing and books (All subject to eligibility).
  • *Improved employability and bolstered professional resume with aviation college degree.
  • Courses are transferable to a four-year bachelor’s degree program at other institutions.
  • The college program includes courses that allow more in-depth study of relevant topics, resulting in better trained pilots.
  • Training is provided by a flight school with a reputation for safety, high quality training, and application of many industry best-practices as recognized by Rotorcraft Pro, Rotor & Wing, Rotor Magazine, and Vertical Magazine, who have all featured articles on the professional operations of Colorado Heli-Ops.

MCC welcomes transfer students from other programs at any point in their training.

The degree program was designed ethically and economically.  All training programs are designed to benefit the student and to protect their investment while using their time and financials wisely.

You will receive not only the highest quality flight training but will also be the most well equipped – and well represented – applicant in the helicopter workforce when you choose the Morgan Community College Career Pilot program.

FAA Certificates available in the MCC Aviation Program :

  • Private Certificate (Not eligible for Federal Financing or VA Benefits. The private license is a prerequisite for the AAS Degree Program.)
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate

Course prices are good faith estimates based on minimum flight times. Every student has different abilities and not everyone will complete the training to standard within the hours given above. Prices are subject to change without notice, for our most current rates please call or email.

Items annotated with * are estimates based on current stock call for current stock and prices.

**Aviation Medical examination charges do vary from Medical Examiner to Examiner, search for your closest Aviation Medical Examiner here, call your chosen Doctor to confirm the current price. If you need help choosing a Doctor in the Denver area call and ask for our recommendations.


Take one of our no obligation Introduction Flights. You will get 30 minutes of hands on flying with one of our Flight Instructors. You can buy a gift certificate online, or call our office on 1-303-466-4354 to book your flight.

Where are the courses offered?

Most courses in the aviation program will be available in the “virtual classroom” and can be attended using a computer with an internet connection. Flight training will take place at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, CO.

What is the timeline for training?

The degree can be completed in 4 semesters, or about 1.5 – 2 years.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition and fees for the degree (does not include Private certificate) is $93,409. Some out-of-pocket costs will apply, speak Program Director for details.