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Certified Flight Instructor


The Flight Instructor Rating allows you to teach others to fly. You will endorse students for solo flights, take the knowledge test, and ultimately take the practical test for certificates and ratings. As a CFI-RH, you are recognized by the FAA and the industry as a true professional who has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help develop the next generation of helicopter pilots.

Being a Rotorcraft Helicopter Flight Instructor is the first step along a career path in helicopter aviation. Attaining the Helicopter Flight Instructor Instruments (CFII-RH) rating solidifies employment possibilities

Most professional Pilots have gained valuable experience during their time as instructors; and in this industry, it is one of the most common ways for relatively low-time pilots to build hours toward their careers. Some CFI’s enjoy the job so much that they make a career out of teaching.

An applicant for a CFI – Helicopter rating must be a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

  • Course Cost Estimate

  • $8,880.00

    Pay as you go, NO upfront payments at Heli-ops !

Above course cost includes:

  • 10 hours training in a Schweizer 300c
  • 10 hours of Flight Instruction
  • 40 hours Ground Instruction
  • 10 hours Flight Simulator time
  • FAA Written test
  • Books & Supplies*
  • FAA Examiner FeeCFI Rating also available in the R22, R44 or R66 (different rates apply)


  1. You must hold a Commercial Certificate prior to starting this course
  2. The training you will receive is based on your ability to meet the standards to pass the checkride with the Examiner.

Course prices are good faith estimates based on minimum flight times. Every student has different abilities and not everyone will complete the training to standard within the hours given above. Prices are subject to change without notice, for our most current rates please call or email.

Items annotated with * are estimates based on current stock call for current stock and prices.

**Aviation Medical examination charges do vary from Medical Examiner to Examiner, search for your closest Aviation Medical Examiner here, call your chosen Doctor to confirm the current price. If you need help choosing a Doctor in the Denver area call and ask for our recommendations.


Take one of our no obligation Introduction Flights. You will get 30 minutes of hands on flying with one of our Flight Instructors. You can buy a gift certificate online, or call our office on 1-303-466-4354 to book your flight.


The CFI course is structured and based on a average number of hours a typical student might finish the course since there are no minimum requirements for the CFI rating.