Simulators - Colorado Heliops
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Helicopter Simulators

We have 2 of the best simulators in the nation !

Colorado Heli-Ops was built on the foundation of producing superior pilots with both flying and head working skill sets.


Throughout training, we believe in utilizing simulators in the Three Maximums methodology. This (1.) maximizes the use of the capabilities of the simulator to (2.) maximize the learning experience for the pilot in training while (3.) maximizing FAA credit for training. When possible we also continue beyond those minimum credits for outstanding pilot development and economy of training.


This allows training and exposure to many situations that may not be possible or safe to experience in the aircraft. We along with the NTSB recognize that simulation is an extremely important part of a training program and are proud to be on the leading edge of this growing part of the industry. We have two helicopter simulators (Flight training Devices): Merlin Simulations FTD which emulates the Schweizer 300c, and our newest Elite Simulations TH22 which emulates the Robinson R22.


The Merlin Simulator has a 160 degree curved screen with a panel and cabin that exactly replicates the 300c. It is fully instrument capable. The resolution is good and the simulator was developed here in Colorado so it emulates the local environment very well.


Colorado Heli-Ops is proud to offer flight training in the country’s most advanced R22 simulator: the Elite Simulation Solutions TH22. This Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) has exceptional realism in both visuals and flight characteristics. The detailed high-definition simulated environment allows for scenario based training previously only possible in the actual helicopter.


The TH22 system is simply remarkable and we are excited to be the launch customer for the company. The simulator has three flat LED panels that produce amazing resolution and colors and replicates the Robinson R22 cabin very accurately. This is very important to build correlated habit patterns and teach the pilot in training exactly where the components are. The TH22 has a Garmin 530, a full instrument panel for both VFR and IFR training. Through a WiFi connection to the simulator, pilots can even practice using their tablets with ForeFlight just like in the real aircraft.


Elite Simulation Solutions, based in Florida, has been making larger aircraft simulators for years, and has been very responsive to service calls and changes we’ve suggested.

Training can be logged towards FAA training requirements for Private and Commercial certificates, as well as Instrument Ratings. The simulators increase the scope and quality of our instruction, all while offering cost effective training options to our customers.


  • True to life cockpit and switches
  • Full HD visuals
  • Realistic and real-time weather
  • Accurate geography, terrain, roads, and environment
  • ForeFlight sync
  • Full instrument panel

Below is a partial list of training scenarios:

  • Autorotation Control Effects
  • Situational Awareness development
  • Inadvertent IMC avoidance & escape
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Simulated Engine Failures
  • Stuck Pedal
  • Tail Rotor Failure
  • Mountain flying
  • Night flying
  • Power management
  • Complex airspaces
  • Heli-pad and platform landings
  • VRS Recovery
  • Weather Situations
  • Confined area & Pinnacle operations
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • ADF/NDB Training
  • GPS Familiarity