High Altitude Mountain Flying - Colorado Heliops
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High Altitude Mountain Flying


At some point in your flying career you will undoubtedly get a job that involves operating in mountainous terrain or high altitude conditions. Distinctive skills are needed to fly efficiently and safely in these environments and there’s no better place to gain the knowledge for this type of flying than the Rocky Mountains.


The Colorado Heli-Ops Mountain Flying Course prepares pilots to operate in these conditions by training them in the specialized methods and techniques for flying in the mountains and landing in this unique environment. Knowledge of winds and weather becomes critical as winds can be extremely strong and weather can change dramatically in minutes.


Colorado Heli-Ops is located at one of the closest airports to the mountains in the Denver Metro area which translates to spending more time flying in the mountains and less time flying to them. Our curriculum is based on real world experience and situations which ensures that you gain the skills necessary to safely operate in all kinds of mountain conditions. With such a diverse range of mountains nearby students will gain experience navigating 6,000 to 12,500 foot peaks on both sides of the Great Divide.


This course is essential for pilots planning to work flying helicopters in high density altitude conditions and is a very beneficial program for all helicopter pilots because it helps to development judgment, planning, and decision making skills. Also, the delicate finesse needed to operate close to the limits of the aircraft’s performance capabilities can be just as useful when flying at lower altitudes with high gross weight on hot days; conditions that most operators in the industry routinely fly under.

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Contact us below and tell one of our experienced instructors about your experience and what you’d like to gain from Colorado Heli-Ops. We will design a personal high altitude mountain course based on your experience and needs. This course can be completed in either the R44, R66 or Longranger.


  1. Hold at least a current Private Pilot
  2. The Mountain Flying Course starts with several thorough ground lessons before heading into the mountains and covers many areas of theory including:
    • Aircraft Performance
    • Performance Charts
    • Flight Planning (specifically for high altitude and mountain flying conditions)
    • Navigation in Mountains
    • Weather and Nature
    • Mountain Winds & Flight Technique
    • Basic Survival Skills
    • Mountain Topography and Geography
    • Helicopter Performance with High Density Altitude
    • Hazards, Illusions & Common Errors
    • Longline and Sling Load Operations (Coming Soon)
    • Exits & Escapes
    • Physiological and Psychological Factors
    • Emergency Procedures & Precision Handling
    • Snow Operations (Seasonal)

Course prices are good faith estimates based on minimum flight times. Every student has different abilities and not everyone will complete the training to standard within the hours given above. Prices are subject to change without notice, for our most current rates please call or email.

Items annotated with * are estimates based on current stock call for current stock and prices.

**Aviation Medical examination charges do vary from Medical Examiner to Examiner, search for your closest Aviation Medical Examiner here, call your chosen Doctor to confirm the current price. If you need help choosing a Doctor in the Denver area call and ask for our recommendations.


This course is based on training as required to give you the knowledge and skills needed to fly at High Altitude.