Our Team - Colorado Heliops
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Our Team

“We love everything aviation”

Our Crew

Meet our team of flight crew members and mechanics that make Heli Ops

David Dziura : Chief Pilot & Chief Flying Instructor

David Dziura

Chief Pilot & Chief Flying Instructor

I knew I wanted to be a pilot when I was young. It was not until after college and numerous jobs in the adventure tourism industry that I could make it a reality. It is now my great pleasure to help make helicopter flight a reality for aspiring pilots-in-training. After having trained and worked at numerous flight schools in the industry, I am proud to work at Colorado Heli-Ops, where safety and instruction are held to the highest standard. Working and playing in the mountains here is a dream-come-true for me, and I enjoy the challenges of helicopter flight in this environment. I am motivated by the pure fun of flying and the ongoing pursuit of a safer and smarter helicopter industry.


Curt Collins : CFII / Pilot

Curt Collins

CFII / Pilot

I grew up in Colorado and returned after spending some time on the east coast with the military. I have a lovely wife and two sons that I am very proud of.

I have been with Littleton Fire Rescue for 17 years and I have been teaching in different areas of EMS and firefighting for most of that time.

 After spending time in the back of helicopters as a flight paramedic I decided to make the move up front and started my training in 2005. I have been a CFI since 2006.


Steve Brumder : CFII

Steve Brumder


From a young age growing up in Pasadena, California I always had an interest in helicopters. I had my first flight when I was 11 and that’s when my love of helicopters really took off. Once I graduated college I thought you had to join the Armed Forces in order to become a helicopter pilot. It was not until my early 30s I found you could train privately. So with hard work and dedication I started my career. I began flying in Southern California, then moved to Colorado to gain experience with high altitude and diverse weather.
The move to Colorado was very easy as I enjoy many outdoor hobbies such as hiking with my dog Kanu, fly fishing, hunting, golfing, and snowboarding. Not only am I fortunate enough to pursue my career in aviation, I was also lucky enough to find my wonderful wife (Sara) in Denver. Cheers and fly safe.

Meet Steve:


Adam Hulme :

Adam Hulme

Adams bio is coming soon....in the meantime check out his album.

Meet Adam:


Erik Gurley : CFII

Erik Gurley


I grew up in southwest Missouri and I wasn’t always fascinated with flying, in fact I was quite fearful of it for the longest time.  About ten years ago I was bitten by the “aviation bug”, when I literally woke up in a cold sweat and thought to myself, “I have to learn to fly helicopters!”.  I never looked back from that point on, but the journey has definitely had its share of rough times along the way.  Although I had an associates degree from MSSU, I knew that going back to college to finish in the traditional way wasn’t for me.  I moved to Denver in May of 2011 after quitting my job of ten years and selling almost everything I owned to take another chance at my dreams.  After four years working a full time job and studying in my off time, I became a CFII at Colorado Heli-Ops.  My ultimate goal is to complete my ATP at CHO and then to fly in the Gulf of Mexico.


Steve Ramer : CFII

Steve Ramer


Steve was born and raised in Boulder, but still manages to act fairly normal despite this fact. He received two degrees from Colorado School of Mines and worked as an electrical engineer in the aerospace business before starting his helicopter training in Colorado. While Steve was interested in flying ever since he was a kid, it was reading about the complexities of helicopter control and aerodynamics that got him hooked on helicopters specifically. He started with a very small remote control (RC) helicopter, and then a bigger one and then an even bigger one until the only logical next step was to fly the real thing. Steve is supported by a patient, loving and understanding wife and two young sons. Steve’s eldest son learned to identify the sound of a helicopter before he could even say “helicopter” and would run outside and point towards the sky any time he heard one. Steve is excited to be part of a great team doing what he loves.

Grace Wagner CFII : CFII

Grace Wagner CFII


Aviation has been woven into the fabric of my life from an early age, coming from a family of numerous passionate people with their eyes on the skies. After growing up in Colorado, and sharing this landscape through outdoor guiding jobs, I am thrilled to continue to share and explore my home from the air. Outside of aviation, you can find me working with organizations dedicated to empowering youth in finding their passions and potential, through wilderness exploration, community building, and service. It is an honor to be a part of the Colorado Heli-Ops team where I have the opportunity to invest in the process of helping people achieve their dreams.

Meet Grace