Boreal Laser Pipeline Surveys - Colorado Heliops
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Boreal Laser Pipeline Surveys

Boreal Laser Leak Detection Services

Using the Industries latest equipment

Leak Detection  Services

Colorado Heli-Ops offers aerial surveys of pipelines using our own unique Boreal Laser by helicopter. Using Helicopters allows for safety, flexibility and cost effectiveness in surveying network assets, vegetation and for human interference.

Our Pipeline Services include:

– Boreal Laser Leak Detection
– Asset Patrols
– Storm Damage Patrols
– Repair Team Support
– Installation Support and Survey

Unique Leak Detection System

With the exclusive addition of the Boreal Laser System, we have flown thousands of miles of pipeline from Colorado to California and produce results that are second to none. The laser accurately identifies many gases of interest, the most common being methane (CH4) to levels > 0.5 ppm. That’s ten times more sensitive than our competitors equipment !


In the case of natural gas pipeline leak detection, the Boreal Laser System is the safest, lightest, most robust, accurate product on the market (if there was something better we would use it). The Boreal system also has, by far, the lowest operating costs of any system for airborne leak detection.  And, unlike some other systems, the Boreal is a completely self-contained class 3 laser that emits no harmful rays,


The boreal laser has a patented built in reference cell which automatically keeps the laser in calibration. A laser cell is mounted outside near the bottom of the helicopter to measure gas levels in the atmosphere. This system is unaffected by water, lgiht and temperature changes that cause interference in other systems. The high resolution laser identifies only the individual molecules of the specific gas of interest.


We fully own all of our equipment, and, at this time, no other company can compete in any way.  Our rates can be up to 30% less than our competitors.


The Boreal is the best, proven by far to be the most reliable and sensitive by the DOE and years of field use.  Don’t take our word for it, read this DOE report:Boreal ATS report

Call Dennis Pierce for more information on our pipeline survey capabilities +1 (303) 466-4354
How high do you fly?

Due to the sensitivity increase of our new system, we fly 200 to 500’ above the ground. We have found a leak the size of a bic lighter from 700 ft !

How fast do you fly?

The helicopters fly at 60-80 mph during surveys.

How much pipline can be surveyed in a day?

Up to 350 miles per day.

What type of laser is used?

A completely self contained class 3 laser that emits no harmful rays.

Why is this system superior?

Reflective lasers, infrared and ultraviolet detection systems may get false readings from environmental factors that do not affect our laser.

When will you tell us if there is a leak detected or problem?

Our technology provides results within seconds. If we detect significant increase in methane levels or a hazardous situation we can immediately notify you of the location of interest.

Is this new technology?

No, this is proven technology. It has been used in many parts of the world, including Canada and the Middle East for more than a decade. Colorado Heliops is making this technology available in the USA.

What is your safety record?

We take pride in our safety record. Our Pilots and Mechanics are factory trained by Bell Helicopters. We maintain the highest safety standards. We have never had an accident or incident whilst flying a pipeline survey.

Can we ride along during the survey?

Due to limited space with monitoring equipment and computers, as well as long flights, ride alongs are not recommended but can be accommodated.

Can it detect molecules other than methane ?

Yes, the laser detects, CH4, HF, H2S, NH3, CO2, CO, HCN AND HCI.


Air Carrier Number 3CIA016K