INtroducing Robinson helicopters

THE Robinson R44 our BEST selling helicopter

R44 Raven I & Clipper I

Starting at $394 000

R44 Raven II & Clipper II

Starting at $472 000

R44 Police

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R44 Newscopter

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WHY BUY A Robinson R44?

From the 2 seat R44 Cadet to the 4 seat R44 Raven, Clipper, Police and Newscopter variants these helicopters are high performing, reliable and easy to maintain. R44s have a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and the latest in Robinson technology including streamlined instrument panels and crashworthy bladder fuel tanks.

The R44’s aerodynamic fuselage optimizes airspeed and fuel economy. Hydraulic controls eliminate feedback forces and provide responsive handling. A low tail-rotor tip speed, newly designed muffler and large cambered tail reduce flyover noise.

R44 helicopters are powered by Lycoming’s reliable and proven O-540 carbureted and fuel injected engines..


The family of R44 have been designed for low maintenance, high reliabilty with their built by hand in the USA these helicopters are extremely cost effective when it comes to cost of operation. Check out the model specific operation costs. 

R44 Cadet Operating Costs
R44 Raven I and Clipper I Costs
R44 Raven II and Clipper II Costs
R44 Police Helicopter Costs
R44 Newscopter Costs