Adam Hulme

Adam is to helicopters what samurai are to swords. He has over 3,500 hours in helicopters and has piloted 10 different types of helicopters (but not all at once). Adam is a Colorado native and began his helicopter training in Colorado in 2007. After instructing in Colorado for a few years, Adam was a civilian instructor for the army down in Alabama at Fort Rucker teaching instrument flying in a Bell 206. Adam returned to Colorado and began instructing at Colorado Heli Ops in 2013 and is one of the Chief Instructors at Heli-Ops. When not flying, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons as well as riding dirt bikes, off-roading, wakeboarding, mountain biking and rock climbing. Adam loves flying helicopters, but loves instructing even more. He sees himself as an instructor first and foremost and a helicopter pilot second.