Erik Gurley

Erik grew up in southwest Missouri and  wasn’t always fascinated with flying, in fact he was quite fearful of it for the longest time.  About ten years ago he was bitten by the “aviation bug”, when he literally woke up in a cold sweat and thought to himself, “I have to learn to fly helicopters!”.  Erik never looked back from that point on, but the journey has definitely had its share of rough times along the way.  Although Erik had an associates degree from MSSU, he knew that going back to college to finish in the traditional way wasn’t for him. Erik moved to Denver in May of 2011 after quitting his job of ten years and selling almost everything he owned to take another chance at his dreams.  After four years working a full time job and studying in his off time, Erik became a CFII at Colorado Heli-Ops.  Erik’s ultimate goal is to complete his ATP at CHO and then to fly in the Gulf of Mexico.