Stephen Brumder

From a young age growing up in Pasadena, California I always had an interest in helicopters.  I had my first flight when I was 11 and that’s when my love of helicopters really took off.  Once I graduated college I thought you had to join the Armed Forces in order to become a helicopter pilot.  It was not until my early 30s I found you could train privately. So with hard work and dedication I started my career.  I began flying in Southern California, then moved to Colorado to gain experience with high altitude and diverse weather.

The move to Colorado was very easy as I enjoy many outdoor hobbies such as hiking with my dog Kanu, fly fishing, hunting, golfing, and snowboarding. Not only am I fortunate enough to pursue my career in aviation, I was also lucky enough to find my wonderful wife (Sara) in Denver.  Cheers and fly safe.