At Colorado Heli-Ops we want to provide the best helicopter flight training possible.

  • We were the first helicopter flight school in the US to use a program-wide Scenario Based Training Syllabus.
  • We were consulted, along with two of the largest schools in the nation, on changes to the PTS (Practical Test Standards) to reflect our ideas on how to improve flight training for the industry.
  • We use SBT daily, and believe helicopter pilots should be taught to fly like they will in the operational world, not flying around in circles at an airport.
  • We have leased one of the largest off airport areas in the nation, hundreds of acres  with pinnacles, confined areas, and many other challenges for our pilots in training to work with during their time with us.
  • We also let some of the other area professional operators use our space from time to time.
  • Yes it is expensive to lease an area like this, especially since it’s within the airspace of our airport and only 4 miles from our ramp, but it had to be close so our pilots didn’t spend their money getting there and back. It also was better to be right on the edge of the airspace where there was less traffic, but still within the space so the aircraft were on radar for safety. The insurance was quite expensive as well, probably the main reason other flight schools don’t do this, but, it was important to make the best pilots so we worked it out.
  • We really do care about our team, our pilots in training, and making our industry better. This is just one more way that we prove it.

Check out our off airport training area!

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