Why is a Private Pilot Certificate/Training not covered by the VA?

This is due to a recent reinterpretation of regulations by the VA wherein only colleges that do their own flight training (rather than work with a flight school) are eligible for Private certificate training benefits. Colorado Heli-Ops and Morgan Community College have chosen to start the degree program (and VA benefits) after Private training is complete. This decision was made in order to deliver training of the highest quality, which will provide the greatest chance of being employed upon completion of all your certificates & ratings. You will train in established career path aircraft, and not one that is good for company profits, but leaves you at a disadvantage in the industry. You will obtain flight time in the helicopters most commonly used in training operations that meet insurance minimums and SFAR requirements.

Colorado Heli-Ops’ modern training methods produces pilots respected in the industry. Pilots who have trained and graduated from this program will be known as dedicated, professional pilots who will have better job opportunities internally and in the industry.  Heli-Ops also welcomes transfer students from other programs after completing their private certificate.

Our VA based programs meet and exceed the VA flight training specifications. We have spent a great deal of time making sure our program was designed ethically, economically and future proofed to account for any potential future adjustments made to the program in light of the current climate and attention that the program has been receiving. All  training programs are designed to benefit the student and to protect their investment of using their benefits wisely.


New Courses designed by Colorado Heli-Ops for veterans not seeking a degree.
  1. Piston helicopter transition courses are available for the Robinson R22, Robinson R44, and Schweitzer 300C that have all been approved by the VA. If you are exiting the military with flight time, but not enough to get a turbine job, these courses may be a good option to get time in piston aircraft in order to make yourself more marketable and meet SFAR (Robinson), Insurance and hours minimums that will increase your potential job prospects.


    Instrument Rating courses are also available and approved by the VA. Pilots who do not have instrument ratings are far less competitive in today’s industry than those who have it. Veterans can use education benefits to cover some of the cost of obtaining this rating at Colorado Heli-Ops


    CFI and CFII courses are in the works and will also be approved very soon.


Course prices are good faith estimates based on minimum flight times. Every student has different abilities and not everyone will complete the training to standard within the hours given above. Prices are subject to change without notice, for our most current rates please call or email.

Items annotated with * are estimates based on current stock call for current stock and prices. All prices are subject to change without notice and are given for indicative purposes for information and were accurate at the date of this page publishing.

**Aviation Medical examination charges do vary from Medical Examiner to Examiner, search for your closest Aviation Medical Examiner here, call your chosen Doctor to confirm the current price. If you need help choosing a Doctor in the Denver area call and ask for our recommendations.


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