We are implementing sanitization procedures in accordance with Federal guidelines. All surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day. Please join us in practicing social distancing principles whenever possible in our facilities.


  • All passengers will be screened with a temperature check upon arrival at the facility. Persons with temperatures above 100 degrees F will be asked to leave and can return with proof of clean health, or temperature within limits.
  • All passengers must have a face covering or mask with them. Colorado Heli-Ops will provide face coverings if passengers do not have one.


  • Helicopters will be thoroughly cleaned before, after and between flights.
  • All frequently touched objects and surfaces will be disinfected prior to each tour or flight, to include:
    • Headset earcups, microphone and boom, and headband. The microphone should be absent of any covering to facilitate cleaning.
    • Seats and seatbelts
    • Door handles and vents
    • Interior hold points / support bars, and surfaces
    • Aircraft controls and avionics
  • Tour aircraft will be equipped with pre-packaged masks and disinfectant wipes for use during flight if necessary.


  • Pilots will use social distancing during introduction and safety briefing.
    • No shaking hands or touching passenger items (bags, personal items)
  • Pilots will wear a face covering during tour flights



  • CFIs and PTs (Pilots-in-Training) will use social distancing during pre and post flight briefings, and in classroom instruction.
  • Face coverings are worn at the discretion of both the pilot and student, or will be worn at the student’s request.