Dennis Pierce

As a helicopter pilot, Dennis Pierce founded Colorado Heli-Ops in 2009 with the desire to bring high quality helicopter flight training to the Denver area. Having previously working at a flight school and seeing a path to a better way, he went forward bringing the principles of honesty, transparency and quality to helicopter flight training.

Dennis dedicated time and resources to developing and perpetuating Colorado Heli-Ops. He uses recognized industry assets and best practices and has moved forward with enthusiasm to implement them.

He brought in experienced industry consultants, adopted modern flight training methodologies, implemented a Safety Management System, joined the FAASTeam and is active in both the USHST JHSIT training work group and the HAI training committee. Dennis has been a recognized speaker at the Robinson Helicopter factory, Rotor & Wing’s Safety Summit and consulted at the Enstrom Helicopter Company.

He reached into the utility helicopter market and successfully implemented innovative technologies into pipeline patrol and leak detection.

Dennis has put together a quality staff of FITS qualified Facilitator/Instructors, many of which have worked in the industry and returned to Denver to fly and instruct at Heli-Ops. These qualities also exist in the administration and maintenance staff.

Many pilots have been assisted in attaining jobs along the career pilot path by interaction with Dennis and Heli-Ops through industry relationships both developed and advanced.

Most of the helicopter industry magazines have published articles on DP & Heli-Ops as both continue to strive for betterment of training, pilot development and industry wide accident reduction.

Dennis posts on the on-line helicopter forum “Vertical Reference” on a regular basis and we repost some of his stuff here.  His articles are all about helicopters and his deepening industry involvement.