Q and A

Due to the sensitivity increase of our new system, we fly 200 to 500’ above the ground. We have found a leak the size of a bic lighter from 700 ft !

The helicopters fly at 60-80 mph during surveys.

Reflective lasers, infrared and ultraviolet detection systems may get false readings from environmental factors that do not affect our laser.

Helicopter flight training, Helicopter Charter, Denver Colorado

A completely self contained class 3 laser that emits no harmful rays.

Our technology provides results within seconds. If we detect significant increase in methane levels or a hazardous situation we can immediately notify you of the location of interest.

Helicopter flight training, Helicopter Charter, Denver Colorado

No, this is proven technology. It has been used in many parts of the world, including Canada and the Middle East for more than a decade. Colorado Heliops is making this technology availabl in the USA.

We take pride in our safety record. Our Pilots and Mechanics are factory trained by Bell Helicopters. We maintain the highest safety standards. We have never had an accident or incident whilst flying a pipeline survey.

Due to limited space with monitoring equipment and computers, as well as long flights, ride alongs are not recommended but can be accommodated.

Yes, the laser detects, CH4, HF, H2S, NH3, CO2, CO, HCN AND HCI.

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